As an institute active at the European level, ecce not only promotes structure formation and information exchange between the Ruhr region and European partners, but also cultivates and strengthens international networks and promotes the visibility of the Ruhr as a creative location in Europe.

ecce represents the regional interests of the cultural and creative industries in Brussels, advises regional organisations on how to obtain support from Europe, promotes dialogue between regional creative companies and European markets and, by means of a variety of exchange projects and collaborations, supports international co-operation and the exchange of experiences between creative actors.

Music moves Europe & Ruhr
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Music moves Europe & Ruhr

Event on funding opportunities for the music sector, on 8 October 2019 in Bochum.

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Music Moves Europe
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The European Commission recently published two calls to promote the music industry.

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Co-Create #FutureFER! Together we strive to develop a concept for the next creative conference with european focus in the Ruhr. Participate via Twitter,Instagram or in our Facebook group.

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EU funding
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Funding opportunities for artists and creatives in the Ruhr region

ecce regularly informs and advises on EU funding programs in workshops.

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On the 08. October 2019, speakers from all over Germany offered a comprehensive overview of pop music promotion and funding in NRW (North Rhine Westphalia), Germany and the EU in the Rotunde Bochum. The discussion centred on how appropriate the current promotion and funding mechanisms are.
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Interesting news for musicians, venue operators and other players in the music industry! The European Commission is testing an own funding programme for the music sector, with six calls for tenders being announced for 2019.
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Gelsenkirchen is acting as a representative of the Ruhr area in the C-Change European network with the objective of raising awareness of climate change and ensuring that sustainability strategies are given greater priority in cities and regions. In order to transfer the impulses from the European to...

Forum Europe Ruhr

Forum Europe Ruhr is a European platform which brings together actors and organisations from culture, the creative industries, politics, science and industry in the Ruhr region. The aim is to initiate dialogues and collaborations on important topics and trends for cultural and creative industries. With the objective of better harmonising the Forum Europe Ruhr considering European and regional needs,
a redesign is on the cards for 2019.
Using the motto, #FutureFER, the next edition will be co-created together with the target groups.

Future of the Forum Europe Ruhr


After six successful years of Forum Europe Ruhr, during which more than 1400 participants from 24 countries met in Essen, the next edition of the Forum is being further developed in a co-creation process with the target groups.

The aim is to create a new event format which will enable a practical exchange between artists, creatives, economy and politics and an even more intensive exchange between the participants themselves. To do so ecce initiated workshops, where in dialogue with the target groups, needs, added value and the formats of a future forum were identified and joint stimuli decided for a #FutureFER.


#FutureFER – Please join in!


Please share your ideas for a new European forum in the Ruhr region and exchange ideas with us and like-minded people from Europe and the Ruhr area: 

Please get involved in our Facebook community ecce in progress and join the discussion!

#FutureFER – Development of a European conference in the Ruhr area


In May and June, artists, creatives and stakeholders from the cultural and creative industries, as well as representatives of municipal administrations from the Ruhr region and from European Capitals of Culture, met in Dortmund in order to support ecce in the design of a future European forum in the Ruhr region. The workshops dealt with the follwing questions:  

  • What added values should a new forum offer to artists and creatives from the Ruhr region and Europe, and what formats can be used to meet these needs?
  • How does the Ruhr region want to present itself to it's European guests? Which of the current highlights in the cultural and creative scene in the Ruhr and Europe should be particularly emphasised?

  • What format should the future forum have to enable it to meet the needs and wishes of the different target groups?


These and other questions have been discussed intensively with local and European guests - initial needs and formats, as well as the new and previous target groups for a future Forum Europe Ruhr have been identified. ecce is currently evaluating the workshops and will develop a concept for the next edition of the Forum Europe Ruhr, together with the Ministry of Culture and Science of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

International exchange and cooperation

In order to strengthen the Ruhr area as a location for international collaboration and to promote artistic exchange in practice,
ecce supports various exchange projects and collaborations.


Music moves Europe & Ruhr – funding opportunities for the music sector


Which funding opportunities, educational trainings and networks exist for the music sector at regional, state, federal and European level?

The event "Music moves Europe & Ruhr" tries to give answers. It will take place on 8 October 2019 in Bochum - the exact venue will be announced shortly.


At the event following funding programmes will be presented:


It is aimed at:

  • Musicians and music-creators,
  • actors, companies and networks from the music industry,
  • organisers and operators of (live) music venues
  • multiliers and administrations 


Find out more about the European funding programme and current funding rounds here.


Music moves Europe & Ruhr

Know-How Transfer

In order to strengthen the Ruhr region as a creative hot spot by means of international and European collaboration projects,
ecce advises and supports cities, institutions and applicants from the cultural and creative industries
in applying for European funding programmes. 

In regular workshops, ecce informs and advises actors in the creative industries on EU funding programmes and opportunities with the aim of making European funding programmes for artists and creatives more accessible and initiating new European partnerships. In addition to formal information on the application process and the overview of existing European funding formats, these workshops usually also present best practices which have already been funded and that provide practical tips on how to apply.


The following EU funding workshops recently took place:



ecce supported the following cities applying in EU programmes:

Strengthen Networks and Drive Discussion

ecce is an active member in European networks, some of which have been initiated and established by ecce itself.  
These include the Network for Innovation in Culture and Creativity in Europe (NICE), founded in 2013 by ecce, which annually awards the NICE Award to innovative projects from the cultural and creative industries. Moreover, ecce has been organising conferences and debates in Brussels, as part of the European Creative Business Network, since 2010 – initially the European Cultural Creative Industries Summit, and the ECBN Policy Forum which has been operating under the name of the European Creative Industries Summit since 2015 and takes place annually in different European cities. The ECIS 2019 is taking place on 10. & 11. September in Helsinki. Since 2015, ecce has also been a member of the European Network on Cultural Management and Policy (ENCATC).