As an institute active at the European level, ecce not only promotes structure formation and information exchange between the Ruhr region and European partners, but also cultivates and strengthens international networks and promotes the visibility of the Ruhr as a creative location in Europe.

ecce represents the regional interests of the cultural and creative industries in Brussels, advises regional organisations on how to obtain support from Europe, promotes dialogue between regional creative companies and European markets and, by means of a variety of exchange projects and collaborations, supports international co-operation and the exchange of experiences between creative actors.

KCR final
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The KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR Award has been presented!

The final events of the international residency programme took place on 25 and 26 March 2021.

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The final events of the KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR are just around the corner!

Experience the presentations of the co-productions (25/03/21) & the award ceremony (26/03/21) via livestream:

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KCR change co-production
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KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR change in the funded co-productions

The co-production ''Are you FAUX / REAL?'' moves up for ''Momentum of a Crisis''

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NL Funded Projects
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The jury decided!

Four international co-productions were chosen. Which projects made it?


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Jury selection
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KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR - Applicants, Judging and Selection

On July 24, 2020, the jury meeting took place.

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With the KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR, ecce is initiating an entirely new format designed to promote interdisciplinary cooperation between artists and creatives from the Ruhr Region and Europe:

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Co-Create! Participate via Twitter, Instagram or in our Facebook group.

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KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR is not just a platform, but also an experimental space, which is designed to not only increase the practical added value for artists and creative people both regionally and on a Europe-wide basis, but also to facilitate networking and collaboration beyond just individual events and to draw attention to the Ruhr region as a space offering cultural opportunity in Europe.

More information on KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR

  • Programme

    The KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR is comprised of two stages:

    The residence programme
    Co-productions can offer artists a wide range of opportunities to further develop their own artistic work, to stimulate new collaborative work processes, as well as set impulses for innovative productions. In the first phase, a call has been issued to international artist’s residencies to motivate regional and European artists to work together on joint productions. In addition to financial support, the artists can also benefit from European networking, the transfer of know-how, the public presentation and media coverage of said residencies.

    Digital campus and award
    The second phase of the KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR combines the residency programme with a digital campus format.
    On the one hand, various digital formats are being planned in order to reach a large number of actors in the arts, culture and creative industries and to accompany the co-productions communicatively.
    On the other hand the results of the co-productions will be presented to the jury in the form of exhibition and / or performance formats, which will judge the winner(s) of the KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR Award at the end of the residency programme. Taking into account the corona protective measures, the presentations of the results as well as the ceremonial presentation of the KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR Awards will be digitally broadcasted to a broad public. If the circumstances of the Corona restrictions allow that, the award ceremony should take place analogously in a small representative setting.
    We will keep you informed about this.


  • Campus and Award

    The digital offer of the KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR should start as early as January 2021.

    With webinars, virtual talks and workshops as well as digital exchange and presentation formats, as many actors as possible in the art and creative industries should be able to network with one another, exchange knowledge, be informed about current topics and trends and get to know best practice examples. In addition, the digital communication offers individual and exclusive insights into the work processes of the co-productions and shows the artists on site before the end of the residency program.

    Detailed information on the digital offer of the KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR will follow here shortly.

    The presentation of the results from the residency programme and the presentation of the KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR Awards will take place on two consecutive days. As planned, the international jury will personally attend the presentations of the results of the co-productions on March 25th, 2021. In view of the protective measures for the corona pandemic, a selected audience on site should be avoided and instead a live broadcast on the Internet will be offered.

    If the circumstances of the corona pandemic permit, the KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR Award will be presented on March 26th, 2021 at a central location in the Ruhr area in front of a selected audience. The official announcement of the winner will also be made available as a live stream on the Internet.


© Creative Commons CC0
The final events of the international residency programme took place on 25 and 26 March 2021.
© 3D Artwork Willem Stapel
There was a short-term change at KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR in the funded co-productions.
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Between May 1 and June 30, 2020, artists from the Ruhr area and artists from the EU were able to submit applications for the international residency programme KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR. On July 24, 2020, four projects were selected for funding recommendation in the online jury meeting.


From 2012-2017, the Forum Europe Ruhr represented the European discourse platform in the Ruhr region and brought together actors and organisations from culture, the creative industries, politics, science and business at a regional, national and Europe-wide level. After six successful years, in which more than 1400 participants from 24 countries came together in Essen, the further development of the forum was conceived with the aid of a co-creation process together with the target groups.

As a result, KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR was created with the objective of increasing the practical added value for artists and creative people, enabling networking and collaborations beyond individual events, and also drawing attention to the Ruhr region as a space of cultural opportunity in Europe.

  • Development of Forum Europe Ruhr

Strengthen Networks and Drive Discussion

ecce is an active member in European networks, some of which have been initiated and established by ecce itself.  
These include the Network for Innovation in Culture and Creativity in Europe (NICE), founded in 2013 by ecce, which annually awards the NICE Award to innovative projects from the cultural and creative industries. Moreover, ecce has been organising conferences and debates in Brussels, as part of the European Creative Business Network, since 2010 – initially the European Cultural Creative Industries Summit, and the ECBN Policy Forum which has been operating under the name of the European Creative Industries Summit since 2015 and takes place annually in different European cities. The ECIS 2019 is taking place on 10. & 11. September in Helsinki. Since 2015, ecce has also been a member of the European Network on Cultural Management and Policy (ENCATC).