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Are you FAUX / REAL?

''Are you FAUX / REAL?'' is a co-production between German fashion designer Samir Duratovic and Tessa de Boer from Dutch creative studio MAISON the FAUX. We live in a world where reality often seems hard to grasp. We are at a point where many value systems seem to be changing. Many things we perceived to be true are being questioned. In a race between truth and lies, the truth seems to be losing. At the same time we ask ourselves the question: Can something be true if nobody believes in it?

© 3D Artwork Willem Stapel

Why do we humans care to believe more in a fantasy than the truth? Within the project Samir Duratovic and Tessa De Boer want to analyse the concepts of reality and fantasy. Analyse what escapism does to the value of reality and truth. The project will hint to the systems of religion, systems of media and overall systems of manipulating truth. They want to incorporate thoughts and ideas by philosophers that zoom in on the transformation of reality like Jean Baudrillard and reference old stories and fairytales like ''The Emperor’s New Clothes''. Aesthetically they want to search for the grey areas between what is perceived to be beautiful and ugly, as a parallel between truth and lies.


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