NICE spells out as "Network for Innovations in Culture and Creativity in Europe". This smart trans-sectorial network consists of stakeholders from all over Europe to join forces and systematically promote the impact of arts, culture and the creative industries on innovation, urban development. Its members share the mission to address the major challenges of our world through non-tech innovations driven by the cultural and creative sectors.

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The NICE Network was founded in 2013 at the World Heritage Site Zeche Zollverein. © Vladimir Wegener/ecce

NICE members can be public or private stakeholders.

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In 2017 the NICE Network has 32 members in 15 EU member states.

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An Introduction: Making the world a better place through creativity

Making the world a better place – this is not a new goal indeed, but does that make it less ambitious? Making the world a better place through creativity – this is old news to artists, scientists and entrepreneurs. But for a state, and especially a group of nation states such as the European Union, it appears to be a remarkable innovation .

The History: Developing a European network based on local interests

In September 2012, ecce turned to the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry with a simple question: What is innovation? Which definition is at the heart of the recently announced Europe 2020 strategy and its Innovation Union ?

The Idea of NICE — Promoting cultural and creative innovations in Europe

In 2015, NICE, the "Network for Innovations in Culture and Creativity in Europe", exists for three years and it continues to grow quickly and break expected boundaries: the network won new members in Spain, UK and Poland. Attraction and attention are booming – so what is really the added value and identity of the NICE Network ?

NICE Members and Membership 

2017 the network counts some 32 members from 15 nations. Membership is granted upon application and review by the network leader, ecce in Dortmund. The membership fee is based on non-cash, in kind contributions to NICE communication and collaborations. Read more about the members

Paolo Montemurro (Project Area Director Materahub) about the Project 'Arts & Humanities Entrepreneurship Hubs'
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Kulturanova: an interesting NICE Network Member from Novi Sad, Serbia!
News NICE Award NICE Network 2018
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Bring together 14 partners from across 7 EU member states to improve the entrepreneurial capacity of A&H students.
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