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Keynote: Arts & Humanities - Entrepreneurship Hubs [EN]

The Arts & Humanities Entrepreneurship Hubs Project


An example of the support for artists and creatives in Europe is the ''Arts & Humanities Entrepreneurship Hubs'' project. The EU-funded project aims to develop a tailor-made model for entrepreneurship in the arts and humanities that will improve the prospects for Arts & Humanities students in the long term by developing students' entrepreneurial skills and optimizing cooperation between universities, creative industries and companies. For this purpose, 7 Arts & Humanities Entrepreneurship Hubs are to be set up together with 14 partners from 7 EU member states.

In this video-keynote Paolo Montemurro, co-founder of materahub,  explains the project and its potential impact on the creative industries in Europe.

The link to the video will follow shortly!