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Keez Duyves

Artist, PIPS:lab; The Netherlands

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Keez Duyves is a creative technologist and artist/inventor. He is the founder and artistic director of PIPS:lab, an art and performance group from the Netherlands that transforms new media into unexpected media. Works of art that are structures to be inhabited by the audience and depend on their input to be completed.
 With PIPS:lab Keez has performed all over the world from China to Sudan, with performances like 'the Washing Powder Conspiracy' and 'Diespace, the first active interactive community for people who have passed away' and 'Social Fiction'. In 2007 the ZKM in Karlsruhe incorporated his installation 'Luma2solator' in its collection.

Keez holds a master in Interactive Multimedia, in which he specialized in Interactive Cinema.

He has been working on augmented reality and 360° video since the last two decades. In the last years he has been working on 'the Potator', his system for augmented creational reality to be used in a theatre performance, 'Hindsight' (2016) a system that alters the real reality with the use of positional data of VR headsets, and on 'Anyways' (2016) a railroad VR movie simultaneously experienced by 6 participants.