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Paolo Montemurro | Italy

The co-founder and director of Materahub, is, as a cultural manager, active and well networked in many EU projects.

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Paolo Montemurro studied International Sciences and Diplomacy in Triest, Italy, and completed the Summer Academy OECD on Cultural and Creative Industry and Local Development. Since 2008, he has worked in different positions for various institutions and programmes with a cultural and European connection.
Montemurro was one of the founders of Materahub in 2011, and since then he is operating as its director and project manager. Materahub is a consortium of companies working to promote local development by supporting entrepreneurship, international networking and cooperation. He is also the manager of Europe Direct Matera (Promoting Europe and its opportunities at local level) and president of IPOGEOS (Promoting Innovation in Cultural Heritage) since 2018.
Among other things, Paolo Montemurro managed a range of Erasmus projects with references to the cultural and creative industries. He is a member of several creative networks such as NICE. He gave talks at a number of conferences and has a long list of published articles and interviews.