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© ecce
Inclusion through innovation – ten projects shortlisted for the NICE Award, the European innovation prize for the creative industries.
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Bruno Costa and Daniel Vilar are managing creative entrepreneurs. © Bússola
The Portuguese company Bússola - Be a Place, LDA works to support the development of artistic and cultural projects. With their membership in the NICE Network, they want to extend their international contacts.
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In our interview with Volker Pohlüke, co-chair of the voluntary organisation Machbarschaft Borsig11 e.V., we discuss the new spirit and opportunities in north Dortmund.
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© Hostanartist
In 2016 the French project Hostanartist, a website that connects artists and spaces, was one of the nominees for the NICE Award. We asked co-founder Anne Roquigny about the development since then.
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Customised, personal, inspired and inspiring: the alternative tour of the Ruhr region brought together five artists and creatives from London, Bilbao and Berlin.
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The organisation Zsolnay Heritage Management Non-Profit Ltd. is one of the new members.
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