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© Makeright
Makeright introduces creativity/ restorative processes to prison industries through design thinking education. The Central Saint Martins/ University of the Arts London (UAL) about its project.
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© Empower Parents
Empower Parents is an educational community of families with children with ASD, professionals and cultural spaces. Through cooperative work among these agents, it seeks to make an impact in the community in order to raise social awareness regarding the reality of people with ADS. The association...
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© Urbanatix
Breathtaking shows and a publicly accessible training center for young street artists and their followers have established URBANATIX as a multi-cultural focal point in the region's cultural urban life. The organisation Dacapo Kultur Offensiv! explains its aims.
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Stefano Borghi
OuiShare is a three-day conference focussing on interaction, collaboration, and exploration. Its organisation OuiShare Experience SAS explains the concept.
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© Kitev
Refugees’ Kitchen is a mobile kitchen, developed through collaboration between artists and refugees. It was planned, built and operated collectively and now travels from city to city, bringing people together through cooking & eating. The association Kitev explains its aim.
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The mobile game "Next Generation: Tales of Neto" is developped by the Armenian TUMO Center for Creative Technologies. Young people work for its creation to fight against corruption. The project "Next Generation: Tales of Neto" is nominated for this year's NICE Award. The inventors of the TUMO Center...
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