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Getting to Know: Kulturanova

Kulturanova: an interesting NICE Network Member from Novi Sad, Serbia!

© Kulturanova

The Association Kulturanova  was founded in May 2001 in Novi Sad, Serbia, with the mission of developing the content of independent culture in order to encourage a positive social change and to improve the position of creative people in Novi Sad and the region (primarily young people) by promoting peaceful coexistence, minority rights and human rights, including often in their projects of vulnerable groups and advocating that creativity is a means of economic development and the development of entrepreneurship.

Empowering young people and the potentials of creative industries are one of our main fields of action. Connecting young artists with businesses in order to help each other is one of our main paths. We are working on organization and production of music festivals, theatric plays, contemporary dance performances, different kind of workshops, conferences and trainings.

In the past 3 years Cultural projects have been supported by the Creative Europe / Culture Program of the European Commission, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, Development Agency of Serbia, the City of Novi Sad, the Swedish Institute, the Fulbright Program of the US Government, the Artslink Foundation, the Fund for Mutual Understanding, the European Cultural Foundation, the Erasmus plus program of the European Commission. The main partners in this period were Lava-Dansproduktion (Stockholm, Sweden), Faundri Theater (New York, USA), La MaMa Theater (New York, USA), Puding Theater (Paris, France), Tillt (Sweden), Flemish Cultural Center Mouzem (Belgium), Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina and Academy of Arts Novi Sad. And many others from our country and worldwide. We are a member  of many of the leading national, regional, European and world networks such as European Cultural Action, Rivers and Cities, New European Theater Action, NAPOR, KOMS, NKSS. Association Kulturanova is also one of the founders of the OPENS 2019 - Novi Sad Youth Capital of Europe 2019. Over the past 17 years, over 70 cultural projects have been implemented, from local to international.