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Creative Centre from European Capital of Culture 2021 joins NICE Network!

The organisation Kulturanova based in the Serbian Capital of Culture 2021 Novi Sad has already participated at several EU projects. Joining the NICE Network, the centre is reaching out for further partners.

© Kulturanova

Kulturanovas  mission is to develop contents of independent culture in order to encourage positive social change and improve the position of creative people in Novi Sad and the region by promoting peaceful co-existance, minorities’ and human rights, including vulnerable groups in it’s projects and advocating that creativity is a tool for economic development and entrepreneurship.

Kulturanovas projects were supported i.a. by the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission and the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Serbia. Kulturanova has realized 6 major projects and organized dozen of small artistic interventions, meet-ups engaging more than 400 people as direct beneficiaries and about 3000 as indirect beneficiaries.

The NICE Network is happy to welcome its new member!


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