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“Are you FAUX / REAL?” moves up

There was a short-term change at KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR in the funded co-productions.

© 3D Artwork Willem Stapel

The funding application for the co-production ''Momentum of a Crisis'' was withdrawn by the participating artists for internal reasons.

The fourth residency is now being started by a project that, along with three other follow-up projects, was recommended by the jury as being eligible for funding. The decision was made according to the order of the jury evaluation and in consultation with the artist duo. “Are you FAUX / REAL?, a co-production between the German fashion designer Samir Duratovic and Tessa de Boer from the Dutch creative studio MAISON the FAUX. Within the project, they want to analyze the concepts of reality and fantasy and address the relationship between truth and lies. The goal is to create six design pieces in the form of costumes and a set with artistically elaborated decor.


Please follow the link for the project presentation