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''Aquateque'' is a project between sound artist and musician Einar Fehrholz (Oberhausen, Germany) and the artist duo Studio Above&Below (London, UK), consisting of Daria Jelonek and Perry James Sugden. The river course of the Ruhr will be the subject of an artistic intervention and the starting point of an investigation of the interface between nature, technology and art. Sound and visual recordings produced by the artists will be edited with different media techniques and transformed into an audiovisual installation.

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The project will explore the entire length of the river Ruhr, from its source in the Rothaar Mountains to its mouth into the Rhine in Duisburg Ruhrort, as an artistic testing ground through sound, visual recordings, digital 3D scans and verbal documentation. The exploration encompasses the ecological, physical, scenic, sound and visual characteristics of the river course, as well as studies of flow velocity, volume, water quality and pollution. The aim is to gain a holistic appreciation of the river course and its characteristics and to speculate on innovative artistic approaches towards a possible future of the river: will climate change transform its structure? Can art change our view of water and this essential body of water?


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