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A game against corruption - Interview with NICE winner TUMO

In 2017, the Armenian Center for Creative Technologies TUMO won a special prize for responsability at the NICE Award for their game "Next Generation: Tales of Neto". In December, the game was officially launched. Project manager Harmick Azarian about the impact of the award and next steps.


How many users have already downloaded your game “Next generation: Tales of Neto” since the launch? Can you describe what kind of persons play the game (age, country etc.)?

It's been one month since we officially launched our game - and we've already exceeded our target of 2.000 downloads. In fact, we are fast approaching 4.000. A large proportion of the downloads are of course from Armenia, but we've seen downloads from Germany, the USA and even as far as Korea and China! We will continue to promote our game to ensure we can get as many downloads as we can.

How did you cover the costs for development?

The project costs were covered using grant funding from the European Union Delegation to Armenia. The European Union funds such projects as part of a wider set of actions against corruption in Armenia and countries in the region. In addition, we have a great collaborative workspace at TUMOwhich was provided for the team by the center's management.

In how far is this project transferable to other countries?

It's definitely transferable! The game's storyline takes place in a fantasy world (Neto) but the reality of corruption exists everywhere. (we also designed the game to be easily translated into other languages). It's also true that engaging young people, getting them interested and involved in fighting for justice in their local community is a universal challenge, and the fact that the game is produced by teens who are all ex students of TUMO means it has a real relevance. In addition, the model for the game could be easily adapted to suit other social issues (e.g. climate change) So in short..yes, absolutely!

What impact did the NICE Award have on the project?

Firstly, a huge motivational impact. It was great for the teens at TUMO who have worked so hard on Tales of Neto to be recognised for all the hard work they've put in over the last 2 years. Secondly, it really showed the team how much of an impact their work has - not only in Armenia, but also outside. Finally, it was great for the team members to meet new people working on other community projects and of course to visit the city of Essen!

Are there any more games planned to come?

Our team is still busy working on updates Tales of Neto at the moment, but we have a few plans in the pipeline...Watch this space!

TUMO was awarded with the NICE Award 2017. Please find all winners of 2017 here.