Listen to the digital KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR!

This podcast, which is part of the framework programme for the digital KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR, aims to connect artists and protagonists of the Cultural and Creative Industries, foster international knowledge transfer, inform about newest trends and present best practice projects. Hennes Bender interviews experts about a variety of questions concerning the CCI. For example: "How are european networks able to support the work of local/regional artists?" or "What kind of legal framework do artists need to succesfully participate in digitalisation, especially during the pandemic?".

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Britta Lerch & Lennart Oberscheidt: StoryLab kiU [EN]

In this Podcast Hennes Bender talks to Lennart Oberscheidt and Britta Lerch about the storyLab kiU, a digital research and presentation centre of the FH Dortmund in the Dortmunder U.

Britta Lerch & Lennart Oberscheidt: page21 [EN]

page21 is a state funding programme for the development of new digital narrative worlds from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, StoryLab kiU, a digital research and presentation center of the FH Dortmund in the Dortmunder U and the future of arts in increasing digital times.

Bernd Fesel: European networks for the CCI [EN]

In this podcast Bernd Fesel, the director of the European Creative Business Network (ECBN), speaks about European networks of art, cultural and creative industries and their significance for the branch on a political and economic level in the future.

Ines Rainer: CREATIVE.Spaces & Gamechanger [DE]

CREATIVE.Spaces ist eine Auszeichnung von CREATIVE.NRW, die das Engagement der Kreativnetzwerke in Nordrhein-Westfalen würdigt; ''Die Gamechanger'' eine Filmreihe über kreative Orte und ihre kreativen Lösungen in der aktuellen Pandamie-Situation.

Matthias Hornschuh: Legal frameworks for digital art [EN/DE]

What is to be thought of and what framework should be implemented to ensure a safe way of artistic working in the digital world?

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