KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR is not just a platform, but also an experimental space, which is designed to not only increase the practical added value for artists and creative people both regionally and on a Europe-wide basis, but also to facilitate networking and collaboration beyond just individual events and to draw attention to the Ruhr region as a space offering cultural opportunity in Europe.

The KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR consists of two phases: a three to five month residency programme as well as the digital campus und award.

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KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR BewerberInnen, Jurierung und Auswahl

Am 24. Juli 2020 fand die erste KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR Jurysitzung statt.

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NL Geförderte Projekte
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Die Jury hat entschieden!

Es wurden vier internationale Koproduktionen ausgewählt. Um welche Projekte handelt es sich?

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Mit dem KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR gründet ecce ein neues Format der interdisziplinären Zusammenarbeit von KünstlerInnen und Kreativen.

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© Studio Above & Below
''Aquateque'' is a project between sound artist and musician Einar Fehrholz (Oberhausen, Germany) and the artist duo Studio Above&Below (London, UK),...
© 3D Artwork Willem Stapel
''Are you FAUX / REAL?'' is a co-production between German fashion designer Samir Duratovic and Tessa de Boer from Dutch creative studio MAISON the...
© open source
''It’s not my responsibility to get famous'' is a dance production about memes and how they spread as replicating ideas in a community. Magdalena Öttl...
© Igor Ripak
In an exchange between the Why Not? Kollektiv of which the director and curator Romy Schmidt (Bochum, Germany) is a part and the artist Rojin Sharafi...

Infomation material

Information material for funding:


Co-productions can offer artists a wide range of opportunities to further develop their own artistic work, to stimulate new collaborative work processes, as well as set impulses for innovative productions.
With the residencies, KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR is offering artists or artist collectives (regional/EU) the opportunity to carry out their creative work together at the Ruhr’s creative location for three to five months. The artists receive financial support and are able to not only work as free as possible from economic pressure, but also to establish contacts, gain interdisciplinary knowledge and find new inspiration.

  • Jury process

    The first judging took place after the application phase on July 24, 2020. Four co-productions were selected from the submitted applications and received a recommendation for funding from the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia. The second judging will take place following the presentation of the results in spring 2021 and aims to present the best co-productions supported with an award.

    An international expert jury consisting of five people was formed. Care was taken to ensure that the composition of the jury members is as balanced as possible and that European, national and regional artists, creatives and actors from the most diverse areas of art and culture complement each other.

Jury members

© Sebastiaan ter Burg
René van Engelenburg is an experience designer, creative initiator and...
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© Luis Zeno Kuhn
Tobias Staab is working as a freelance director, dramaturge and...
© Anna Ancheva
Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva is a well-known art historian, critic and...
© Tommy Scheer
Her cinematic works range between installations, cinematic staging and...
© Vania Cauzillo
The co-founder and director of Materahub, is, as a cultural manager,...

Presentation and Award

The presentation of the results from the residency program and the presentation of the KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR Awards will take place on two consecutive days. As planned, the international jury will personally attend the presentations of the results of the co-productions on March 25th, 2021. In view of the protective measures for the corona pandemic, a selected audience on site should be avoided and instead a live broadcast on the Internet will be offered.
If the circumstances of the corona pandemic permit, the KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR Award will be presented on March 26th, 2021 at a central location in the Ruhr area in front of a selected audience. The official announcement of the winner will also be made available as a live stream on the Internet


Digital Campus

The digital offer of the KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR should start as early as January 2021.
With webinars, virtual talks and workshops as well as digital exchange and presentation formats, as many actors as possible in the art and creative industries should be able to network with one another, exchange knowledge, be informed about current topics and trends and get to know best practice examples. In addition, the digital communication offers individual and exclusive insights into the work processes of the co-productions and shows the artists on site before the end of the residency program.
Detailed information on the digital offer of the KREATIVCAMPUS.RUHR will follow shortly.