| Jury 2015, NICE Award


Coordinator, Conexiones improbables

© Vladimir Wegener/ecce

Arantxa Mendiharat has degrees in Political Sciences (Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Bordeaux, France) and a MSc in Arts Management (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh). She is interested in artistic practices linked to social transformation processes. She has been coordinating for the last 10 years platforms that connect artists and creators with companies and organisations to collaborate in innovation projects: Conexiones improbables (Improbable connections) from Bilbao (Spain), a platform run by c2+i, Disonancias and Divergentes. She is a local node for the development of New Patrons projects (Nouveaux Commanditaires, Fondation de France) and is part of Creative Clash, a European network that promotes artistic interventions in organisations. She is also actively involved in movements that defend and experiment self-organization processes and citizen participation modes, as well as open source and social economy initiatives.