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The Ruhr region is also attracting visitors from abroad. On 16 and 17 September, a group of...
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It is the 1980s. The noise of loud guitars and political statements from Great Britain have...
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Mülheim, where Woolworth becomes a meeting place for art and creativity
Creative.Quarters RuhrNewsMülheim
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Theatre, bar, club, meeting place and Institute for Pop Music
NewsCreative.Quarters RuhrBochumPrinz.Regent2016
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Public spaces undergo constant change. What was yesterday a kiosk might be a vacant property...
HammNewsCreative.Quarters RuhrDortmundEssen2016
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"We were looking for more than a regular office, we wanted a room for cooperation."
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Constructed as temporary premises, left to ruin, listed as a historic building, resurrected as...
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