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© ID Factory
The [ID]factory conducts radical research in the area of non-linear, artistic thinking and action in extra-artistic areas and is a project of the Centre for Cultural Transfer at Technical University Dortmund's Department of Art and Material Culture.
Shortlist 2014Winner 2014
© Beautiful Trouble
Beautiful Trouble (BT) is a growing web toolbox and an international network of artist-activist trainers and finally a book whose mission is to make grassroots movements more creative and more effective.
Shortlist 2014Winner 2014
© Connexiones Improbables
Conexiones improbables' work is based on the observation that more and more artists are interested in applying their methodologies, thoughts and way of perceiving situations out of the artistic field.
Shortlist 2014Winner 2014
© Dortmunder Kunstverein
Stein mit Vollausstattung/Stone with full equipment (SmV) is a project focusing on the synergy of technical aspects of renewable energy and art in public space since the very beginning.
Shortlist 2014Winner 2014
© Friedrich von Borries
Understanding itself as a revolutionary protest movement that aims to subvert and finally beat capitalism with its own means, RLF is a think tank, experiment and political work of art.
Shortlist 2014Winner 2014
© Annette Jonak
Already during the founding of kitev, its members had the vision of restoring the historical tower of the main station Oberhausen and transforming its infrastructure for new use.
NICE AwardShortlist 2014
© Mainside
LxFactory is a project that takes advantage of the structure of a large factory, no longer in use, and develops a plan to reuse this space for cultural purposes.
Shortlist 2014Winner 2014
© Kosice
The aim of the multi-genre cultural centre is to provide space for the creation and presentation of elements of contemporary culture and art.
Shortlist 2014Winner 2014
© Private
The project Ware Mensch was nominated as a special guest and presented with the nominees at the N.I.C.E. exhibition.The goal of the project is to open the eyes of the public and to raise awareness of the problem of human trafficking.
Shortlist 2014Winner 2014
© Unperfekthaus
Unperfekthaus is a privately owned 5.000 sqm restaurant/event location/hotel project.
Shortlist 2014Winner 2014
© Urbanauts
URBANAUTS is a new generation of city hotels. Innovative accommodation for modern nomads is created through the revitalisation of empty shops as individual four-star hotel rooms, so called Street Lofts.
Shortlist 2014Winner 2014