NICE Award 2019

Personal Data
In case you are nominated for the shortlist you need to confirm that you will participate in the following events:

(Note: Travel cost can be partially refunded for travel from within Germany and for travel from abroad (within the EU28 nations) for two representatives of the shortlisted projects. Up to two hotel rooms from February 12 to 14 will be booked and paid for by ecce.)
Project Abstract (max. 800 characters)
Presentation Text (short introduction of the project for the event brochure, max. 300 characters)
Please provide a weblink to a promotional video of your project. Note: The film must be in English and no longer than 3 minutes!
Please upload at least 2 pictures (*.jpg or *.tif) of 300dpi, that will be used for the programme brochure in case of nomination, max. of 4 files 4MB each. Additionally, you can also submit material such as PDFs. Please avoid *.doc files and make sure to name your files as follows: "yourprojectname.pdf" and yourprojectname_pic1.jpg", "yourprojectname_pic2.jpg" and so on. Please note that all material must be in English!
Choose the category in which you wish to apply:
(1) The applicant agrees to transfer without any additional costs in particular all of the transferable copyright related and other authorisations for publication, dissemination, public communication and processing for the presentation at the ceremony event, in particular including rights of representation and broadcasting rights. This also includes the privilege as to one’s own image if the contributions are in the form of videos. The transfer shall be non exclusive and unrestricted with regard to time, geography, purpose for which used and in every other way. (2) The applicant grants ecce the nonexclusive right to report about her/his idea/project including all material submitted and about the event (presentation at the Award ceremony) to an extent considered adequate by ecce via all media and ways of distribution, to advertise and promote the event and to use it in other ways (e.g. documentaries, publications, etc.). ecce is entitled to exercise these rights by means of third parties or transfer them to third parties. The applicant agrees that his/her submitted project including his/her name and all material and films of the application may submitted to the NICE Jury (and to the press in case of the project being shortlisted) and may be published on the ecce website and it may be used for promotional publications and documentations by ecce. (3) The applicant explicitly allows ecce resp. third parties commissioned by ecce to complete video and sound recordings on any data medium including broadcasting by diverse media, especially by radio and television in full. (4) The applicant agrees that her/his submitted project idea and materials will be presented at the NICE Award event. Therefore the applicant guarantees to provide ecce with the appropriate material within one week after being nominated for the shortlist, if not already included in the application. Appropriate material is defined by the promotional film and several photos with at least 300 dpi. (5) The applicant guarantees that she/he is the owner of all rights for all material submitted. (6) Any legal process is excluded.
For questions or more information please contact Franziska Kipper by email ( or by phone (+49 231 2222 7577).
The NICE Award is funded by: Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Digitalisation and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia
ecce and the NICE Network are funded by: Ministry for Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia