University Cooperations

Altogether there are about 8,500 students of the arts, culture and creative industries in the Ruhr area - ecce's aim is therefore to inform them more purposefully about the possibilities and opportunities of the Ruhr Region as a place of life and work and thus to help the growing artistic and creative talents after their studies in the Region.

Since 2015, ecce has been working with Ruhr Region universities to develop offers for students that are specifically geared towards the interests and needs of the arts, culture and creative industries. In the context of series of events, practical experts give insights into relevant aspects of self-employment or report on their career paths, current tasks and developments in their industry and discuss with the students assessments of the working and living conditions in the Ruhr Region. In addition, ecce also wants to anchor international projects and current topics in the region and to look at them from the perspective of the Ruhr area - with special emphasis on the inclusion of student impulses. In the future, further project cooperation with regional universities will be sought and regular workshops with students will be offered.



Future in Art, Culture and Creative Industries

This year’s event series organized by ecce in cooperation with the Ruhr region universities was titled “Future in art, culture and creative industries”. The objective of the event series was to give students in the Ruhr region the opportunity to meet people with practical experience who used their own willpower and creative skills for a successful career in the Ruhr region.

Cooperation with WAM - Die Medienakademie (Media Academy)

On 06 and 07 September 2017, a film crew consisting of young students from WAM Die Medienakademie accompanied the NICE Award ceremony on Wednesday and the Forum Europe Ruhr conference on the following day. The objective of the university cooperation between WAM and ecce is to create two short films respectively about the NICE Award and the Form Europe Ruhr which use impressions and short interviews with participants to make both events more attractive, particularly for the younger target group. 

Forum Europe Ruhr

NICE Award