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eXtended - B:PAErsche Network meeting

© PAErsche

PAErsche is an open network and place for experimentation established in 2010 by and for performers. It is run by around 30 people from the Rhine and Ruhr regions, Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria. The network does not aim to become an established group or ensemble but rather a bridge between generations. Although it links back to movements of the 1960s (DADA, Fluxus, Happening, Body Art etc.), it is primarily committed to contemporary and international performance art.

In 2013, Marita Bullmann, co-founder of PAErsche, established the “Interval” platform. The concept aims at supporting contemporary performance art through projects such as festivals at home and abroad, and bringing contemporary trends in performance art into the discourse. Another aim is to encourage intercultural understanding and tolerance via performance art. A special feature of Interval events is public participation to intentionally subvert the line between protagonists and onlookers.

PAErsche is broadening the platform though the Interval eXtended – With Individual Support for Artists and Creative Minds, for the first time it has been able to organise a network meeting to which the following were invited:

Marita Bullmann

Boris Nieslony

Thomas Reul

Evamaria Schaller

Karin Meiner

Anja Plonka

Detailed information about PAErsche is available on their website.