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Audio im Umschlag

© Peter Eisold

The series of AUDIO IM UMSCHLAG events was brought into being in 2016 by the musician, composer and project developer Peter Eisold, and will continue this year with another three performances. The title refers to a musical salon for sound art, new music and electro-acoustic experimental arrangements. In cooperation with the Ensemble der Generationen, four artists - each from music, sound art, performance and media art - came together in the VolXbühne theatre in Mülheim a.d. Ruhr to perform in an environment of experimentation and improvisation. Such a musical salon offers space for non-mainstream, solo performances, meetings, lectures, video and sound installations.



16 September 2017 AUDIO IM UMSCHLAG #4, 7.30 pm

Julia Mihály (Frankfurt)            treble voice, electronics, performance

Frank Niehusmann                 computer, electronics

ST Kirchhoff                             primed e-guitar, mandolin, banjo

Peter Eisold                             percussion, electronics, video


11 November 2017 AUDIO IM UMSCHLAG #5, 7:30 pm

Frank Gratkowski (Berlin)         woodwinds

Sebastian Gramss (Cologne)   contrabass

Anastasija Delidova (Essen)     live-visuals

Peter Eisold                               percussion, electronics, lecture


09 December 2017 AUDIO IM UMSCHLAG #6, 7:30 pm

gamut inc. (Berlin)

Marion Wörle &

Maciej Sledziecki                      computer, guitar

Udo Moll                                   trumpet, modular synthesizer

Peter Eisold                              percussion, electronics, video


More information is available here.