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Brauchse Jobb? Wir machen Kunst!

© Kanade Hamawaki

In Oberhausen, a utopia of payment for producing art has come into effect. Given that soon around only 20% of the world’s population will have access to paid work, the freelance choreographer, dancer and teacher Thomas Lehmen is using the project "Brauchse Jobb? Wir machen Kunst! [Need a Job? We Produce Art!]" to bring together paid artists to do paid work together (€15 hourly rate). He believes that meaningless work cannot produce a stable social system and has therefore began a utopia of where producing art receives payment. The project is open to anyone with an idea. The art creators produce work in a Oberhausen context defining their own criteria about what, when, why, how, for whom and where art is and in which context it is found.



18 - 30 September Werkschau der Oberhausener KunstarbeiterInnen (Show of the Oberhausen Art Workers)

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