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© Schwichtenberg Breuer Gode

The artists Maximilian Rentrop and Christian Gode run a Bochum-based exhibition space for insitu works – a converted double garage called adhocraum. Only those artists exhibit who create spatially or location-based work. Such work generally concern installations or wall artwork involving a high level of cost and effort. The Individual Support for Artists and Creative Minds Programme enabled artists, including those from other European countries, to come and exhibit. The funding also promoted interaction between differing art disciplines. Visiting artists from around Europe bring a new dynamic to the Ruhr region while reinforcing the region’s reputation in the art scene. adhocraum  has established a firm reputation in the art world within and beyond the region with its clear concept of specialising in insitu works, an ongoing programme, and an unusual exhibition venue.


Dates 2017

Openings on fridays, 7pm


07 - 23 April                                Sinta Werner

12 - 28 March                             Gaby Taplick

09 - 25 June                                Fiona Grady

04 - 20 August                            Christian Helwing

01 - 17 September                     Katharina Anna Wieser

30 September - 12 November  Fritz Balthaus