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A Ticket to Atlantis

© Fabian Sattler

A Ticket to Atlantis uses powerful stories, images and live music to examine the relationship between people and the sea, the symbolism of the unknown, the power of nature, and the sense of yearning. Beginning with actual experiences of refugees who gave themselves over to the sea in their search for a safe haven, a link is made back to the ancient myth of the lost city of Atlantis. “A Ticket to Atlantis” was created in the harbour of Beirut using interviews carried out by artists with refugees on Lesbos. It was performed in Essen’s “Schurenbachhalde”, a former slag heap and a venue possessing mystical elements. The performance invited people to share in the refugee experience and to go in search of their own yearnings – here on the other side of the Mediterranean.

Text: Fabian Sattler


The performance at the Schurenbachhalde required a rethinking of the costumes and set design. Individual Support for Artists and Creative Minds enabled the engagement of the designer Sandra Becker. A shuttle service was also needed to transport the visitors between the venue and the cultural centre “Maschinenhaus Essen”. This was also provided by the Individual Support for Artists and Creative Minds.