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Co.Creation Residency Ruhr

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Creative co-living in Gelsenkirchen. For a period of three months, the Halfmannshof building in the Creative.Quarter Ückendorf will become a living and working space for five artists and creative minds. The artists will be able to use project and working spaces while also being coached and supported by international/cross-regional experts. The project initated by the city of Gelsenkirchen primarily addresses young people to actively prepare them through specific coaching to work in the creative economy.

How about artists living together and working individually on their own projects while daily experiencing and being enriched by the work and approaches of creative minds from other “segments”? This idea of co-living in the arts and creative branch has been implemented in the Halfmannshof. Such a special residency also offers a professional programme of training to convey advanced methods of co-creation to the selected creative minds. Experts from a range of professions – such as philosophers, PR specialists, social researchers, experienced practitioners – provide support, advice and inspiration. New forms of expression in performative, digital, design and social activities is in the focus rather than traditional forms of the fine arts. The project has a significant impact, especially in the fields of “the transition to work”, “prototype production”, and “experimental production”. These areas derive from recent experience (Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs EU Project) and are vital for developing skills for the creative economy and stabilising the position of artists. Young creative minds are able to develop a product  in cooperation with a customer and/or the economy by using new production methods.


The following young artists have been selected for the project:

Milica Jojevic

Kaoutar Aboueloula Peindl

Ole-Kristian Heyer

Roberta de Lacerda Medina

Sabeth Danneberg


You can find more information about the scholarship holders on the website. 

After a two-day workshop in the end of September, the project starts with its residency phase on 1 October 2017.



OPEN CALL Co.Creation Residency - Application Deadline: 30 August 2017