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Das Böse – das sind die anderen

© Silke Schönfeld

Artists are incredibly privileged. As outsiders they can interact with representatives from political, social and economic organisations. And art can create a space for people to meet who would otherwise never come into contact. It is this privilege that Silke Schönfeld  alludes to in order to pose the following question to people with different points of view and contrary worldviews: "What are you afraid of?". Fear has an everyday presence. We fear war, populists, benefit scroungers, economic refugees, sexual harassment, terror, right-wing political parties, and mass refugee exoduses. Under the working title of "Das Böse - das sind die anderen [The bad ones are the others, not me]" Silke Schönfeld presents an essayistic documentary in which she focuses on the individual rather than on the system. She creates a space for reflection in which meetings can take place with others and with the self, with fears of one's own as well as those of others.