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Cheers for Fears – Transit Platform for Artistic Resaerch and Professionalisation 2017

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Transitional period: Cheers for Fears Transit Platform for Artistic Research and Professionalisation (Phase I). Since 2013, the Cheers for Fears initiative has brought students and graduates from around the region into contact. This enables collaboration and promotes discussion and exchange about work strategies, tactics and perspectives. Cheers for Fears Transit – Platform for Artistic Research and Professionalisation now offers the younger generation of artists the opportunity to present their ideas for discussion within a creative environment. This enables the development of their plans for innovative and transdisciplinary work in a process of research with the support of colloquia and mentors. The process itself is the goal. A completed piece of art is desirable but the project focusses on artistic development, professionalization and interaction with artists from different disciplines.

As part of Phase I, a concept forum took place in September 2017 offering artists opportunities to pitch their own project or become involved in other projects. Up to five projects were selected which receive support for research and colloquia which is taking place in October and November. The platform also seeks out artistic mentors. On completion, the artists provide insights into how their projects have developed, and they report on the work of the previous months. When the transit forum ends in 2017, colleagues and co-producers will be found or provided to implement the projects in 2018.

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