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© S.C. Weiss

Grenzgänger is set in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is the third part of the Africa triology. The freelance author and director S.C. Weiss  goes on the search for the former child soldier Eric Nyeri who he portrayed in 2003. Eric was eight years old then. It is an imaginative documentary film that uses images primarily in an aesthetic way rather than as an illustration of events. GRENZGÄNGER is being supported by Günter Nooke, the Chancellor’s personal Africa representative. He also has a role in the film. GRENZGÄNGER is a road movie, both inwardly and outwardly, with filming in the Congo, in neighbouring Ruanda, Uganda, Berlin, the author’s birthplace of Itzehoe, and his former adoptive homes of Paris and Dortmund.



27 October, 8 pm

Preview  in Wetter

28 October, 8 pm

Premiere  in Wetter

11 December, 7 pm

Screening  in Dortmund

18 December, 7 pm

Screening  in Dortmund

Trailer Grenzgänger