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Speculative Technologies

© Klaas Werner

Conform, uniform, monitored: The digital space that was up until the late 1990s seen as a utopia has now mutated into an actual dystopia. How can art, and specifically media art, compete against this? Under the title of "Speculative Technologies", medienwerk.nrw  embarked on a search for lost (digital) space. In two workshops, ideas and the first implementation of avant-garde digital works of art were produced in collaboration with international media artists. In two parts, artistic engagement focused on the theme of "alternative techno-imagination". Beginning with observing a digital sphere that is increasingly concentrated on commercial and globally active players, young artists explored alternative regional approaches to digital communication and knowledge production which are not the focus of attention. The series of workshops used a partner format and continues to be extended.

Block 1: At the end of the "Virtual desires" workshop organised by the super_filme_e.V. association and the University of Witten-Herdecke, medienwerk.nrw gave young media artists from NRW the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained from the workshop to practical strategies and artistic prototypes under the expert supervision of the artist Zach Blas (US).

Block 2: In cooperation with HMKV : "Re/think Re/design (for the Art of Hacking)", medienwerk.nrw invited media artists to translate technological alternatives into artistic strategies. As part of the "Artistic-Hacking-Day" and under the supervision of the artist Jaromil (IT), the first programmes and prototypes emerged. We enabled young artists to present the results as part of an annual medienwerk.nrw conference in October 2017.