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Anneliese's Living Room

© Volker Pohlüke

Anneliese lives a solitary and secluded life in Dortmund's Nordstadt quarter. A visit to the museum is not possible due to the lack of money for the hairdresser. But she, like others, wishes to be involved in the city's cultural life. Anneliese's apartment has therefore been extended into a public living room – an empty corner shop on the Borsigplatz square at 103 Oesterholzstraße. This living room is a gallery, a stage venue and cinema in one and its doors are open to all. People can experience and enjoy culture, make contact with others, add a favourite item of furniture to the room, or simply to say "hello" to Anneliese. The 94-year-old Anneliese is the concept's mentor. The senior citizen organises a cultural programme herself and is supported at all levels by neighbours, the cultural group 103, social workers and others active in the quarter. The aim is active participation, intergenerational dialogue, shared cultural activities and creative use of local cultural, social and vacant-building resources. Financial support for the project is mainly given by the non-profit association Machbarschaft Borsig e.V.as well as by the Individual Support for Artists and Creative Minds.