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Heiter bis wolkig

© Josefine Habermehl

Heiter bis wolkig by Josefine Rose Habermehl engages with her disease Vitilgo. The title of the exhibition refers to her personal relationship to the autoimmune illness. There are days when the patches on her skin appear as blots, and others when they look to her as clouds. The project is about raising the profile of vitiligo as well as providing a meeting place for similarly minded people while opening a creative process to the public. The artist wants to network people with Vitiligo via an online appeal. Photographs portray parts of the body affected by the condition. Artificial turf invites people to lie down and be part of a video installation enabling them to engage with the condition in an abstract way. Information about and her experience with the illness is intertwined with poetry.




3 - 12 March 2017

atelier automatique  in Bochum