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Agency for Applied Performance Art

© Sebastian Becker

The artists Knut Schultz and Julia Nietzsche describe themselves as media which create media art. They got to know each other during a masters course of study in scenery research at the Ruhr University Bochum, and then established the agency Meine Wunschdomain  for applied performance art. The agency moves between the realms of service provision, art and communication, self-help methods, empowerment, and intimate events. It advises passers-by in public areas, visitors to festivals and institutions, and provides tried and tested methods and strategies to cope creatively with the everyday routine.

The Individual Support for Artists and Creative Minds is enabling the artists to develop their specific form of media art as well as their visibility through intensive communication and documentation.


Dates 2017

16 - 18 June                  Bo-Biennale  in Bochum

08 - 09 September       Campfire-Festival  in Dortmund

14 October                   LutherLab  in Bochum

07 December                What is Love?  in Bochum