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The OUR ELEMENTS installation by Adriane Wachholz consists of sixteen drawings, which are positioned in a mineral solution in sixteen preparation jars on a shelf. The drawings are consigned to the natural process of decay in the form of silicification and will turn to stone in several million years. In the next presentation step, each autonomous preparation jar is presented next to the original work. Chronologically in reverse, starting with the ''latest'' work, the silicification work OUR ELEMENTS (DICHTE WOLKEN) is shown before Christina Kubisch's original work Dichte Wolken  from 2011.

In the exhibition space, visitors to the exhibition are invited to interpret Kristina Kubisch's artistic work with a view of future generations who will be living a few million years from now. Here, the different future-oriented interpretations open up new epistemic, action and experiential spaces. They connect the viewers to the recipients of the work far in the future and enquire about the viewers' own imagination of present and future. The exhibition concept of Adriane Wachholz  comprises an engagement with one's own perception of the respective medium and work. The individual interpretations of the work are written in text form on cards, which are collected in a wooden box in the exhibition and archived. Individual text stamps are made from the interpretations of visitors to the action, the relevant texts are printed on the reverse of the ticket and displayed in the exhibition space. These interpretations form the first component for a fluid catalogue in the form of a folder, whereby each file will be a unique specimen in the edition format as well as testimony to our era and our view of the future.