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Do Not Panic - Merging Physical and Virtual Spaces

© Vesela Staneova

The exhibition of the project ''Do Not Panic'' will comprise two large-format hybrid room installations that enable a sensory, immersive experience for visitors. With the project Vesela Stanoeva  is ending her master's studies in scenography and communication at the University of Applied Science and Arts Dortmund.

In her exhibition ''Do Not Panic'', the artist Vesela Stanoeva intends to merge real and virtual worlds in order to research into the change in sense perception in the digital age. The focus here is on two spatial stagings in the form of installations that shine a light on cultural-structural change in the Ruhr region, from the beginnings of industrialisation through to modern times. One of these installations is entitled ''Loss of Exactness''. Thematically, this is about the colouring and the demolition of a cross-generational forge. The second installation ''Transcendental supranaturalism'' consists of a virtual performance.  

The digital age opens up new opportunities for presenting and experiencing cultural contents through a variety of technologies. Against this background, the aim of ''Do Not Panic'' is to create hybrid room installations that offer visitors a sensory, interactive experience. However, hybrid room installations never define only physical and digital objects that coexist and interact in real time: concept, context and a curative approach in the sense of spatial dramaturgy also play an important part in this context.