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Die große Wörterfabrik

© Cinthia Nisiyama

The children’s concert ''Die große Wörterfabrik'' (The Big Word Factory) is a musical and dance interpretation of the book of the same name by Agnès de Lestrade and Valeria Docampo, performed by Moneka Tanztheater .

Tomorrow is Marie's birthday. Paul likes her a lot. He'd love to tell her that, but things aren't that simple in the country of the Great Word Factory … In order to say words, you have to buy them for lots of money and then swallow them … Will Paul touch Marie's heart with his words: cherry, dust and chair? The music, which was composed specially for this piece, takes the audience into the enchanted town of the Great Word Factory. While the story is being told, subtle dance numbers and a fantastic set ensure the bewitchment of all senses.


Participating artists


Artistic Direction / Dancer:       Cinthia Nisiyama

Dancer:                                       Bianca Sere Pulungan

Composition / Guitar:               Miguel Martin, Joao Luis

Percussionist:                            Bruna Cabral

Flute:                                          Bianca Menezes

Narrator:                                    Maria Martin Casais

Project Management / PR:       Karolina Maria Knoll

Stage Design:                             Dimitrij Haak

Designer:                                    Ekaterina Haak

Mentor:                                       Andrea Kramer