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Die Geschichte ist reich an Kunstattentaten, sowohl von EinzeltäterInnen, als auch in einem größeren politischen oder religiösen Zusammenhang. Während es bei Kunstattentaten psychisch verwirrter EinzeltäterInnen vielfältige Motive geben kann, geht es bei der Zerstörung von Kunst im politischen Zusammenhang vor allem um den Ausdruck von Macht.

© Sebastian Bartel

History is rich in attacks on art, both by people acting alone and in a major political or religious context. While various motives can be attributed to attacks on art by mentally disturbed individuals, the destruction of art in the political context is above all an expression of power. Starting from this interrelationship, stellablau  develops a piece that circles principally around the destruction of art and the manifold reasons for this. The central questions here are: What kind of power does art have? Why is the anger or desire to destroy of the perpetrators directed against something that cannot defend itself, that basically is not a living being but was created by people? What is their attack directed at? Against the artist, against that which the work of art represents, or against those who admire this work? Ultimately, Aura is about the essence of art and its effect, in other words, what it triggers in us and what it can represent.


Participating artists


Yotam Schlezinger :         sound

Akin Emanuel Şipal :        lyrics

Sebastian Bartel :             art installation

Anne Manss :                    stage/costumes

Simon Knöß:                       light

Simina German:                 direction/concept