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A young collective of budding musicians, dancers, directors, technicians, actors and visual artists open (up) a space in the west of Bochum's city centre – DIE PRÄRIE : a space for interdisciplinary work, for communication and trying out new forms of visual arts, as well as for forming networks of young artists  from the Ruhr region. DIE PRÄRIE is at the same time rehearsal and performance space, workshop and network, stage and gallery. A barrier-free OPEN SPACE for encounters and communication. Because of the fact that different artistic disciplines share a space, the PRÄRIE creates an opportunity for interaction, inspiration and innovation. Different works encounter each other and can jointly challenge the prevailing projections on the constructed identity of their artistic world. A place for further development, self-testing, reflection, discussion, production.


Participating artists


Awa Winkel                             founder of the collective, light artist, prospective event technician

Hannah Kümper                  founder of the collective, dancer & musician

Tobias Stöttner                      founder of the collective & director

Max Frische                          musician                

Daria Deppner                     visual artist

Pauline Warneboldt            media artist & photographer

Shay Brahem                          musician                 

DJ Simon Günther                  painter        


Events 2019

16 August 2019, 18h

BIG BANG Exhibition Opening

Gilsingstr. 2, 44789 Bochum

Free Entrance



17 to 23 August 2019

Exhibition Programme