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When we talk today about the global village of politics, words such as corruption, power struggle or private enrichment come to mind. A wonderful, dense, fresh hedge, covered with eternal blossoms, grows today not only in poor countries around the palaces of those who hold political power, but also in rich countries, even around whole states and continents. The ''others'' flow there in order to marvel at the birds of paradise. The latest work from the Transnational Ensemble Labsa  is a free appropriation of the literary source ''L'empereur'' by Richard Kapuszinski. With great will for a theatre of flat hierarchies and a good deal of charm, the performers deal with their completely personal realpolitical life – somewhere between an African emperor’s court and the dance floor of a shady nightclub. Real existing experiences of power and impotence, predicaments caused by poverty and wealth that cast their shadows over us release a search for light. Permeated by club and live music, the artists combine rap, dance, images and theatre worlds to sense this transcultural life art market. The location of the action is fittingly the dancefloor of the Dortmund nightclub Oma Doris .




Abe Jalloh

Amir Mohammad Hosseini

Anna Buchta

Emilia Hagelganz

Haptom Fesaha

Ibrahim Barry

Mohammed Yousef

Rana Bagci

Seratu Bah

Slawa Al Ali

Teresa Leónidas

Yacouba Coulibaly




Bath Kanza (Sapeur)

Diam’s Diakate (Coupé Décalé Dancer)

Eymen  (Rapper)

Leonel Cassule (Sapeur)

Radosław Lis (Dancer)

Ralf Tibor Stemmer (Multi-Instrumentalist/ Soundscaper)

Wojciech Kozak (Dancer)

Zofia Bartoszewicz (Improvisations Singer)