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Achim Zepezauer's ''Slot Machine'' is an unusual website that functions to an extent like a new interactive music album. In the design of a slot machine, preproduced recordings are generated in three columns and mixed at random, so that they result again and again in new combinations. Each column contains ten different recordings that result in 1000 possible combinations. For this purpose, Achim Zepezauer  files the first 3 x 10 recordings rich in contrast in different instrumentations. In addition, twelve guests are invited to work on recording and to create a theoretical possibility of 1 quadrillion combinations. There is an option to be surprised by the random play, or between the artists to combine instruments personally and to arrange them easily. The personal intervention sensitises attention and trains the sense of hearing. A particular aspect of the Slot Machine  website is the use of chance, with which the art acquires its independent existence and is regenerated continually. At the end of the project, as a complement to the digital version  there is an analogue publication as an LP that presents a selection as the ''Best of'' .