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Mensch und Maschine

© Gaby Peters

Urban, public and private space as well are characterised visually and acoustically by machines and machinery of everyday life. The technically constructed object in its relation to humans is also the reference point in the work of Gaby Peters . Machine myth, functionality, production and consumption are recurrent themes in her work. Gaby Peters shows distorted and absurd mechanical objects and installations – nihilistic machines without output. The observer's gaze is guided to the machines that surround us and that we constructed, which are on the one hand our useful and indispensable helpers, and in return impact, influence and shape us. Who determines whom? The machine the person, or we the machine? The project In Service  is a further segment of an already existing machine series by the artist and serves the further processing and consolidation of the subject ''humans and machines''.

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6. Juli 2019, 15h


Opekta Ateliers

Xantener Str. 99 h, 50733 Köln

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