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© Volmir Cordeiro, Street, Foto: Marc Domage

As an experimental conference format, Corporeality will combine various sessions, including discussion groups, lectures and performances on the subject: How can we understand the body, and how embody the mind?

The distinct modules of Corporeality aim to appreciate and make tangible the role of the body as the predominant agency organizing human experience. In all of this, a special focus is placed on the notion of compassion as an embodied practice.

In the field of contemporary dance it has become common to speak of the primacy of the body, embodied practices, openness and trans-individuality. But what does this mean in relation to creative processes? Which effect does it have on the way in which we approach and understand dance? The performative three-day symposium hopes to sketch and test out an interdisciplinary analysis with audience appeal in relation to active research and artistic analysis devoted to the leading questions in contemporary dance.

Experts from the fields of neurology, psychology, art history, visual studies, philosophy as well as sociology will be conducting the lectures and discussion groups; the choreographers Alice Chauchat , Aimar Pérez Galí , Volmir Cordeiro  and the artist and art scholar Ayesha Hameed  will provide the performative context that will open up and widen the discussions and lectures. The interdisciplinary approach taken in this concise form aims at lastingly fostering exchange between the artistic and scientific field.