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Das Stück Ariodante setzt sich mit der Angst vor dem Tanzen und Choreographieren auseinander.

© Lara Fritsche

The play Ariodante deals with the fear of dancing and choreographing.

It is a story about four actors standing on stage and not quite knowing what to do and what is expected of them. Ariodante  is about the fundamental questions of how an artist can be free and autonomous, but at the same time sufficiently fulfil expectations in order to receive the opportunities and means to work as an artist.

How can these two attitudes be combined? And what kind of dance/physical structures arise in the pretension of artistic freedom and security?

Choreographer Marie-Lena Kaiser  works with four dancers: Enis Turan, Clemence Dieny, Jordan Gigout and Ying Yun Chen.

A large part of the choreography’s development will take place within Maschinenhaus Residenz  in Essen where the play will also premiere. Other performance venues are Tanzfaktur Cologne  and Tanzhaus NRW .


Head of Production:      Leonie Burgmer

Music:                             Friedemann Brennecke

Kostume and Stage:      Noemi Baumblatt

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Trailer Ariodante