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The working title ''Brennpunkt'' (flashpoint) stands for a 250-page novel by author Lisa Roy, most of which is set in northern Essen. The reader follows a nameless narrator who flees from Düsseldorf's media district to her home town after a mental breakdown. Simultaneously, Brennpunkt tells the story of two young girls who have disappeared in northern Essen. Their disappearance and the ensuing media coverage, search parties and police presence expose the village-like structures of the impoverished neighbourhood. The protagonist quickly rediscovers her place in this life and among the people she left behind twelve years earlier. A third storyline examines the unsolved disappearance of the protagonist's mother, which is intertwined with the narrator's mysterious grandmother. Although the story is about the protagonist’s emotional development, it will also examine the economic, religious and cultural structures in these parallel societies in the Ruhr region.