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3 Felder - Improvisation

© Lily Erlich

The double bassist, project manager and composer Daniela Petry would like to take her compositional activity, which has been taking place rather sporadically for many years, to a new level. For this purpose, she would like to develop her own musical composition techniques.

After many years of searching, Daniela Petry  has found a way to intertwine the different genres in which she operates (improvised music, contemporary music, jazz). The scholarship allows her to work out these ideas.

With inspiration from the fields of natural science, humanities and cultural history, Petry develops graphically notated improvisation concepts in a first step. With varying artists (musicians, dancers, performance artists) and scientists from these three fields as partners, she intends to develop and test concepts in four one-month-long experimental phases. The respective steps consist of individual work, research, work meetings and rehearsals and are documented. A public exhibition of artwork is also a possibility.

The results of this process will be independent in their compositional idea in order to create a foundation for as variable a use as possible for the future. Because Daniela Petry is not only a soloist but is actively engaged in two ensembles and strives for (interdisciplinary) cooperation in which, for example, dance, acting and multimedia are incorporated. This independent message of compositions is intended to merge into autonomous work at a later point. For example, her ensemble ''Gruppe Moment'' is supposed to develop a message that will take her further beyond her previous regional status.