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Cheers for Fears Transit – Plattform für künstlerische Recherche & Professionalisierung 2018

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Cheers for Fears Transit - 2018 platform for artistic research and professionalisation The production platform Transit allows advanced art students to enter into a transdisciplinary exchange about their artistic projects. Mentoring, regular colloquia and rehearsal phases with production companies in the Ruhr region promote six project initiatives on the border between studies and professionalism: a motion study about dizziness and deception in the physical and philosophical sense; a film addressing the construction of identity in hypernormative societies; a theatrical work that draws on individual experiences to deal with self-perception and perception of others, prejudices and racism; a live video project simulating doomsday scenarios; an object theatre production discussing identity and projections under the paradigm of migration; as well as an intervention in urban space addressing protest in the form of barricades.




More infors about the projects in the Transit-Program:

Bös, Anyigba, Meier:            Schwarzseher

ZOO Kollektiv:                      Scutum Studies

Mehrnejad, Sadafi, Abnar:  Die Geworfenen

Laura Brechmann:               Ein erster Schwindel

Amelie von Godin:               Mensch mit überhaupt keinem Namen

Armada Theater:                  Dekomposition

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