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Denkodrom Noise Edition

© Denkodrom Noise Edition

Before the boring, undesirable and common aspects of life manifest themselves, you go to the DENKODROM where nothing is considered normal, natural and necessary and where boundaries dissolve.

The Denkodrom  is a series of events and a platform for avant-garde and experimental methods, deviation and transgression. This time, it is visiting Oberhausen with a focus on noise and electroacoustics. On two evenings, there will be concerts with experimental music at the Unterhaus near Oberhausen main train station with acts from the Ruhr region, Hamburg and Santiago de Chile. Guests include Chilean noise musician Ignacio Ruz (aka 886VG), composer Louise Vind Nielsen from Hamburg and musician David Wallraff.


David Wallraff

studied social work and cultural sciences in Bremen & Köln, played in various punk & noise bands & organized events in even more various off-spaces. Reclocated to Hamburg in 2008. BA in musical sciences at University of Hamburg, MA in timebased media at HFBK. Currently working on the PhD thesis Noise and the Limits of Hearing, the radio program agoRadio and curating the Noisexistance Festival. Lecturing on Noise, the history of electronic music and the relations of sound and power. Playing noise shows solo and with the duo HSV. Releases on mo‘-tapes, pleisto tapes, K-Strich, ZCKR Records and TimTim Tonträger.


Ignacio Ruz 886VG

is a Santiago, Chile based Harsh Noise act that has been active in the worldwide underground releasing over 60 records since 2006. It is straight forward noise. While beeing mostly analog centered, souds go from slow developing walls of noise to layered fast cut up noise. From well produced tracks to lo-fi crap noise the project doesnt fall into a unique clasification. The man behind the project is Ignacio Ruz, a sound engineer that also manages No Brain Prods, a underground DIY label + event organizer. A two month 2012 european tour, a 2015 tour through Ecuador plus a history of local presentations are worthy of mention.


Louise Vin Nielsen

is a Danish conceptual sound-, performance and visual artist working with, in between and against humans and machines, sound and image, poetry and activism.


Sisto Rossi 

plays hard noise, drone and power electronics under the pseudonyms Wallkeeper, Forecast, Hatred, Colony Collapse, Earth Chaos, Houses in Texas, Foxhole – to name but a few. By his own account, he has moved his home base several times in recent years from the Ruhr region to the Pacific Northwest to Florida and back to the Ruhr region.

Mariela Rossi

Sisto Rossi