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MIES.miesian motion

In her work, Gabi Rottes examines orders within the relationship between man and architectural space.

© gabi rottes
© gabi rottes

The architect completed her art studies with a focus on photography and media in 2017 and is at the very beginning of her career – this time as an artist. So far, photographs and videos have grown into collages that deal with space itself, and some with Mies van der Rohe. Gabi Rottes  will develop this artwork in a new phase of artistic creation, without time and cost pressure, meaning the partial return to her old structures. She will delve deeper into the world of Mies’ architecture – the Miesian Space – and bring her artwork into the third dimension as animated moving images by addressing the subject of 3D animation for her collages. The early stages consist of research trips to his places of work such as Chicago, Barcelona and Brno to create two-dimensional source material in the form of photographs and videos of his rooms. After familiarising herself with the programmes Cinema 4D and After Effects, she will restore the third dimension to his architecture and his concept of space in her own way in an experimental animated video collage.


The exhibition is accompanied by the catalogue itsallaboutMIES .

trailer: mies.miesian motion


MIES and Theo