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Insanlar | People

© Alexandra Breitenstein

Since a failed coup in the summer of 2016, Turkey has been in a state of the emergency. People are being imprisoned on a daily basis – a single social media post criticising the government is seen as sufficient grounds for incarceration. This project with its Turkish title "Insanlar" (in English: People) profiles people from different areas of society including artists, students and former activists and examines the current social mood in Turkey and its impact on individual lives. The experimental photographic project shows people who are currently unable to freely express their opinions. The artist Alexandra Breitenstein  uses experimental photography to guarantee anonymity of those being profiled by applying multiple and long exposures (see image).

Text: Alexandra Breitenstein



25 November 2017, 7 pm

Preview of Insanlar | People

as part of the opening of the workshop community NORD.10

Alter Kiosk Oesterholzstr. 6 in Dortmund