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Modern Myths. Pavillion

The Pavillion at the Viktoriastraße/Südring junction, and the residential tower behind it, make up an architectural landmark of Bochum's city centre. It looks like a stranded ship, abandoned and forgotten. This is a situation that the artist Pia Janssen and her team wish to change. It was built on the rubble of the Second World War and has been witnessed to the economic miracle, colliery closures, the boom in student numbers and the invention of Bochum's Bermuda3eck (Bermuda Triangle), the largest open-air drinking square in the Ruhr region. An error of urban planning resulted in the Viktoriastraße becoming a dead-end street taking away the tram and bus stops and eventually life from the Pavillion. For 30 years, it was an institution for night goers as the "Sultan Imbiss" and was certainly the first kebab shop in the Ruhr region. Today, its grubby night-time attire has given way to a clean e-smoking logo but it remains flanked by the "Golden Girls" table dance club and a gaming hall. The "Pavillion" pilot project represents the start of a series on the "Mythen der Moderne [Myths of the Modern]". Using performance and trans-media project formats, architectural locations in the Ruhr region and NRW are to become visible, heard and experienced. Who are the people that currently live and work in these locations, where do they come from and how long have they lived there? Using historical and fictional narratives from times gone by, neighbours and visitors have embarked on a narrative journey of discovery – the stories of their lives are the city's heartbeat, the myths of daily life.


Concept             Pia Janssen

Text                   Bettina Erasmy

Regie                 Pia Janssen and Karla Mai

3D-Audiowalk   Tom, Bisson, Patrik Muller, Peter Roloff

Assistance         Aaron Böll